Ease Of Learning

Hello. My name is Hars Ander. With the exceptions of my family and some close friends most anyone else would describe me as just an average everyday type of person. I have my interests and loves like anyone else. I’m totally ok with being me. However…..

After many years of working in the brick and mortar world, I knew it was time for me to explore other options. My life wasn’t all bad but in addition to wanting a larger income I was also tired of the rushed & stressful daily commute, the long work hours, and most importantly for me, the lack of personal free time. I wanted to spend more time with my family and I also wanted to indulge in my hobbies (Imagine that– I actually wanted to have some fun in my life). I finally worked up the nerve to summon my courage and face my fears and doubts. The biggest hurdle for me was when I questioned my lack of abilities and skills to start something new. Even so, I was determined to find a better way of life.

For several years I had been reading and hearing about average people making great lives’ for themselves by running their own internet-based business. They actually worked from home. When I browsed online I would see how they placed inexpensive advertisements on Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube to promote their business. These weren’t huge corporations. These were people just like me. Some were just starting out in business and some were trying to grow their existing business. The goal was to accumulate wealth and time-freedom by marketing products and services on the internet. I was no stranger to buying things online. I had purchased products from Amazon several times. I always scan the internet to find websites for services, entertainment, and restaurants. I routinely use it to shop for news, weather, and information. Everyone I know does also. I was already using the internet in my daily life. I had never really thought about it before but now I could see how the dynamics of buying and selling were changing. I began to reason with myself— if other people were doing it, could I really create a profitable business online too? I mean, that’s where everybody is spending their time. I owned a laptop and I had an internet connection. If this opportunity was real then THIS is what I wanted- and I was determined to find out how it was done.

After much time I grew increasingly disappointed. All the self-styled experts I investigated left me with doubts and suspicions. I just didn’t feel the trust. I wanted to have my own online business but I didn’t want to invest my time if I felt I wasn’t going to get what I was looking for. I was feeling deflated. Then I discovered SFM.

I explored further and learned that SFM stands for Six Figure Mentors. They’ve been helping people learn skills to succeed online since 2010. The core of their program is an entertaining video series. It provides detailed information in a step by step format. The course is specifically designed to provide useful real-world training. This allows you to get your online business up and running in short order. The simple but powerful centerpiece of the program revolves around their highly regarded mentors. These accomplished instructors train you about the secrets they’ve learned over many years. They didn’t attain their knowledge from overpriced and frankly, useless college classes taught by clueless people. They gained their life experiences “down in the trenches”. They took action and did whatever it took to achieve the goals they set for themselves. (Would you rather: Learn to cook from Chef Gordon Ramsey or someone mouthing the words from a recipe book? Learn soccer moves from David Beckham or a coach that read a playbook but never accomplished a winning season? Learn songwriting from Elton John or a music teacher that can read a songsheet but never had a published song?) Among other things, they share with you how to avoid the mistakes and errors they’ve made along the way. This saves you enormous amounts of time and effort. By following their solid advice you can reap the advantages for an easier path to internet business success. The mentors themselves have

1. already established their own longstanding online businesses that

2. earns them a minimum six-figure income. This is the dominant underlying principle. You learn from people that have personally earned their mastery of online marketing success. They have actually built prosperous online businesses themselves. You can do the same when you follow their advice. This isn’t a textbook centered education. You get the valuable benefits of learning from experienced marketers. You share in their knowledge of success. Learn to imitate their methods of success and begin doing it yourself. Additionally, there is also an entire support network of friendly helpful people. When you have questions (and we all do) they provide the answers and make helpful suggestions. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also free access to a private social media site populated by a community of hundreds of people just like you. These are people that are working towards the same goal as you- learning skills for online success. By sharing and comparing experiences, triumphs, and accomplishments you gain confidence and insights into furthering your own goals. Suddenly, I got “woke”! In no time I was confident enough to sign on. All the information and skill training videos are free! Click here

THIS was the education I was looking for. I could sense with certainty that SFM had integrity. I wanted the hands-on skills training and the benefits of real-life experiences that they set out to deliver. The step by step video lessons make everything easy to learn. Nothing complicated or “techie”. Any questions or assistance needed are attended to by friendly professionals. Nothing bolsters your confidence like supportive people. The series of videos are monitored & updated to ensure the information stays fresh and relevant in the changing online environment.

I feel fortunate to have found the training offered by SFM. I was, and continue to be, impressed. I’m sure you will be too. Summon the courage to get past your initial fears and doubts. Indulge your curiosity. Watch the video series- it’s free. Follow the simple instructions. Transform your circumstances by learning how to have your own successful online business. You can run it from home, a coffee shop or anywhere. You only need a computer and an internet connection. Embrace the opportunity to create a new and better life for yourself. Join us. It’s great to be in control of your income and your life.